Tasia Dupree / Crimson City Romance
When Tasia was twelve, her mom bought her first guitar. She was listening to “What’s up” by Four Non-Blonds, and said to herself, “I want to learn to play this” so she went into her bedroom, picked up her guitar and taught herself how to play it. She fell in love with playing and singing music. She would play the same song over and over just because she didn’t know any other ones. She learned a bunch of songs since then and “Abby” the name she gave her guitar is now her best friend.

She says “I always loved to write words. I call my poems and songs words because that is what they really are to me, words with meaning. I usually write whenever I get upset or sometimes just because I feel like it. I love talking, and I have so much on my mind that I want to share with the world and let it out. I love writing words and putting them to music, it is like having a conversation with me and the music. When I listen to music, I envision it inside my mind. It takes me places I can’t go. I feel things I could never feel before and see things that I will never know. I can relate to it whether the meaning is about falling in love or having your heart broken. Music is my connection; it is the closest thing I have to nirvana. I see music, I hear music and I feel music. I live music; music is my reality; this is my reality... I am in the music, and the music is in me.”

At the age of 14 Tasia is an accomplished model. Tasia started her modeling career with Ford Models in Miami. Tasia has acted in movies, commercials and television shows. Her latest role in a television show was “America’s Most Wanted” (re-enactment), and she also played a role in the feature film “Veer”and played a role in Ace Ventura 3. Tasia is a 3rd degree black belt in MMA and a world champion in sparring and XMA weapons two years in a row. As for music she says “I love music!”.

Tasia recently signed with Riverside Park Records Inc. She wants to give a big thanks to Tommy Mercado, Jesse Scott and Julie Ann Savino. She gives a special thanks to her mom Brigitte Bosch for making it possible for her to do the things she really enjoys doing the most. Her newly release CD “Broken” is a compilation of many of her favorite words and poems. She hopes you will enjoy it!
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