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Malcolm Riverside Park Records signs Malcolm Jordan
Press release to follow. Stay tuned!
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FIG Riverside Park Records signs FIG (Jake McClain)
Press release to follow. Stay Tuned!
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Kris Riverside Park Records signs Kris “KC” Shore
Upon approaching this quiet young gentleman, you would never expect to witness the type of musical beast he evolves into when he gets a guitar into his hands. “KC” joins us as a writer and musician. You can witness for yourself some of his wicked licks on track # 11 “Let Me Be” on the newly released album “Broken” by Crimson City Romance.
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David Riverside Park Records signs David “Dee” Rosado
AKA... “Last Done” has been composing since the age of 15 or earlier. His beats are quite unique and you will hear fine examples of his work on his sister's (Cierra Furlow) new release “Testimony” which is also the name of the title track produced by Last Done. His award winning grin and solid work ethic will be for sure the main ingredients of a successful music industry career.
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Amanda Riverside Park Records signs Amanda Jordan
Amanda's sultry soulful sound immediately won us over. Her style is certainly versatile and at any moment affords her the opportunity to effortlessly utilize her dynamic cross-genre appeal that will no doubt capture one's attention quickly. We are looking forward to her exciting new release soon.
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Cierra Riverside Park Records signs Cierra Furlow
Cierra's voice is heard and people wonder... WHO IS THAT ??? Cierra is one of those artists who's voice is highly recognizable no matter what genre of music she is performing. Cierra has a versatile style that allows her to perform any type of music to equally high standards... Whether it is inspirational, soul, R&B, alternative etc., one would always recognize her powerful yet silky attack.
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Tasia Riverside Park Records signs Tasia Dupree/Crimson City Romance
This energetic young diva will certainly become a driving force in the industry. Her relentless approach to creating music coupled with her unique style and stunning presence are certainly the basic foundation for ensuring a successful career.
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The Crew Riverside Park Records Official Site Launch
We are truly excited to have the opportunity to introduce, at this time, our dynamic new artist and sonic sound to the world. Our first two releases “Broken” by Crimson City Romance and “Testimony” by Cierra Furlow are now available via our website. Please feel free to cruise through and get to know us. We are hoping that you will be glad you did. Tell all of your friends and come back to see us soon!

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