Malcolm Jordan
Mal... Malcolm Jordan was born in Harlem New York. He lived in new york until he was about 10 years of age. His mother and grandmother decided around that time to move to Jacksonville Florida. At a very young age Mal developed a strong interest in music. However, initially, His passion above all was basketball. That soon was subject to change. Suddenly, just before basketball season began he learned that he would have to undergo heart surgery which afterwards prevented him from playing the game as he knew it forever. Following the shock and devastation cause by this turn of events Mal turned his full attention to music.

The very first cd Mal can remember listening to and really enjoying was DMX's cd " IT'S DARK AND HELL IS HOT". He knew the cd from front to back because it was his mothers favorite cd and she always played it. A few years later Mal decided to begin writing his own music. He continued playing basketball because his heart was still in the game. Mal decided to take music seriously at the age of 16 after the doctors told him he had to have another open heart surgery which would in turn indefinitely steal his dream of playing basketball again.

Mal is influenced by numerous artist such as J.Cole, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, T.I., Drake, Kanye West, Big Sean, Ludacris, the Game, NAS, Eminem, DMX, Ghostface Killa, Juelz Santana, Tyga, Trey Songz, Camron, and most important Biggie Smalls. With all of these influences Mal feels like his lyrics and style can not be compared. He has an "up north" style and flow /swag of "down south" person. Built upon his musical influences,personal challenges severed up by life, then and now, his dynamic lyrics and rhymes will not be matched.
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