David “Dee” Rosado / Producer
David “Dee” Rosado was born on June 1, 1987, in Jacksonville Florida and raised in Ft. Myers Florida. He was the last born of five brothers and three sisters. His position in his sibling line up was the basis of his family given nickname “Last Done”... “Dee” for short.

Dee says “I could identify and relate to music because it’s part of my heart and soul. I was taught the skills of composing music by my oldest brother Charles who is also known as “Mr. Man”. He taught me to create music through feelings, thoughts and inspiration. My second oldest brother, Ernest, taught me how to put my emotions into words. These skills have given me the ability to create a message within a song. My goal is to ensure that the message resonates in the hearts of the listeners.”

“I was fifteen when I created my first musical composition. The things that inspire me to keep working hard at my craft are the struggles, the ups and downs in my life, my family and the people who support and believe in me. Now I have the opportunity to share my music with the world through Riverside Park Records, Inc. and to further establish my rep in the music industry”.
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