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Jesse Scott Jesse Scott / CEO, Executive Producer, Founder
A native of Birmingham, Alabama, Jesse started his professional career during his Junior year at Alabama State University and after graduating continued working for several years in leadership roles within top domestic and international corporations.

He has always been a dreamer with entrepreneurial prowess and a plethora of ongoing ideas. "I have always believed that if the memory of a good dream or idea refuses to escape my mind.... then why not take a shot at converting it into a great new business plan."

From an early age, Jesse has always been a big fan of the music industry as a whole with a special passion for the history of Motown. Jesse is influenced by the likes of Berry Gordy Jr., Clive Davis and Clarence Avant... just to name a few.
Julie Savino Julie Ann Savino / Co-Founder/Partner
The New York, New York native has over 25 years of corporate human resources, sales and operations experience. She is now contributing her love for music in conjunction with her extensive professional leadership experience to the future success of one of the most dynamic new Indie labels in America.
Thomas J. Mercado Thomas J. Mercado / Co-Founder/Partner/Producer/Engineer
The Astoria Queens, New York native, has worked in the music business for over 20 years in the metro NY area. He started off playing drums in many bands until 1988 when discovered by WeBe records.

Tommy wrote and produced his first song for WeBe records which achieved a spot on the top 40s chart as a club hit. Tommy continued working freelance as Kaos productions where he wrote and produced for Mic Mac records, Columbia, Warner Bros, and Arista. He sold many projects to various artists and record companies via ASCAP.

Tommy has worked with the following artists; Heartbreak, Abby Lynn, Cover Girls, George Lamand, Lil Suzie, Marie Diorio and Cynthia. In Addition to his outstanding production at Riverside Park Records, Tommy continues to write songs for various artists within his church.
David "Dee" Rosado
David's Page
David “Dee” Rosado / Producer
David “Dee” Rosado was born on June 1, 1987, in Jacksonville Florida and raised in Ft. Myers Florida. He was the last born of five brothers and three sisters. His position in his sibling line up was the basis of his family given nickname “Last Done”... “Dee” for short.

Dee says “I could identify and relate to music because it’s part of my heart and soul. I was taught the skills of composing music by my oldest brother Charles who is also known as “Mr. Man”. He taught me to create music through feelings, thoughts and inspiration. My second oldest brother, Ernest, taught me how to put my emotions into words. These skills have given me the ability to create a message within a song. My goal is to ensure that the message resonates in the hearts of the listeners.”

“I was fifteen when I created my first musical composition. The things that inspire me to keep working hard at my craft are the struggles, the ups and downs in my life, my family and the people who support and believe in me. Now I have the opportunity to share my music with the world through Riverside Park Records, Inc. and to further establish my rep in the music industry”.
Kris "KC" Shore
Kris's Page
Kris “KC” Shore / Writer/Musician
KC started playing guitar at the age of 13. After a couple months of playing he began gigging with his first band playing classic cover tunes. Within two years he was playing every week at a local music hall "Harmonious Monks" and frequently playing gigs with a local metal band “Godseye”.

By age 16 he became proficient enough with his guitar playing skills to award him an honorable acceptance to Douglas Anderson School of the Arts but politely chose to leave and finish off his senior year at a more familiar school. Now after playing for only four years KC is teaching guitar lessons and actively pursuing a career in music.

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