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Tasia Tasia Dupree / Crimson City Romance
When Tasia was twelve, her mom bought her first guitar. She was listening to “What’s up” by Four Non-Blonds, and said to herself, “I want to learn to play this” so she went into her bedroom, picked up her guitar and taught herself how to play it. She fell in love with playing and singing music. She would play the same song over and over just because she didn’t know any other ones. She learned a bunch of songs since then and “Abby” the name she gave her guitar is now her best friend... read more.
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Cierra Cierra Furlow
Cierra was born in Fort Meyers Florida on December 22, 1985 to Chrysandra Skinner. Growing up, she really identified with music. Cierra knew from an early age that music was in her soul. She was only four years old when she sang her first solo in church. Cierra moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 1999. Life was hard, lonely, and frightening at times. She experienced many “life’s challenges”. During these hard times she could have easily been distracted by society’s negative influences, but instead she became deeply curious about God... read more.
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Amanda Amanda Jordan
Amanda Jordan was born and raised in Jacksonville Beach, FL. Growing up and singing in the Church, she has had a passion for music her entire life. It wasn't until she was 16 years old that her parents even knew she had a talent. When she told them she was going to participate in her high school's beauty pageant and sing, they tried to change her mind so she wouldn't embarrass herself. She definitely proved to them that her participation... read more.
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Malcolm Malcolm Jordan
Mal... Malcolm Jordan was born in Harlem New York. He lived in new york until he was about 10 years of age. His mother and grandmother decided around that time to move to Jacksonville Florida. At a very young age Mal developed a strong interest in music. However, initially, His passion above all was basketball. That soon was subject to change. Suddenly, just before basketball season began he learned that he would have to undergo heart surgery... read more.
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FIG FIG (Jake McClain)
Bio to come... read more.
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